Art is my way of exploring the places that aren't always accessible by foot. It connects me to people from different cultures, to emotions hiding in the shadows, to the natural world, and to the mystical realms. Art brings me to oneness within myself.

This wasn't always my story. For 7 years, I was a CPA. During that time I thought, "If I could be creative everyday, I'll be happy." In 2007, I got my wish. With no art background, I was accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York where I became a  jewelry designer/metalsmith. Yet for some reason, deep inside, I still wasn't happy. I was yearning for something more. 

In 2011, I followed my heart's calling to travel. It's been 5 years now, 12 countries (including the US!) of exploring and living without a plan or a destination. I live in the flow and surrender to my heart. Along the way, I was healed by countless warm hugs, bright smiles, shared stories, laughter and tears. I found my trust from the people of Laos. I found my heart in the slums of India. I found my connection to Earth in Mexico. I found my infinite inner space, through weeks on end of sitting alone with myself. I found what I was yearning for: ME.

I create the same way I live - intuitively through my emotions and heart, instead of with my imagination and mind. Whether I'm drawing with a child on the street, collaborating with the water that's in my paint, or surrendering to the energy that's around me - I know that I am never creating alone. 

Life is one big art piece - a journey through colors, textures, sounds and energies - only to discover and travel deeper into oneself. My art piece is not of monochromatic worlds. I strive to combine within me the flavor of each authentic moment, allowing old beliefs to fall away and new experiences to fold in. Perhaps my Truth is ever changing. Perhaps this art piece will never be done. My mind is too primitive to grasp what my heart knows: the Universe. My heart is my teacher as she leads me to freedom.  Freedom within myself.  Freedom within each other.  Playing in this world, together.  Sharing in each other’s light. 

In service and with so much gratitude,

Colleen Choi